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Revillution Verification Veirfied

Are you a content creator? A streamer perhaps? Or maybe you make youtube videos? Perhaps you're a big forum owner? If you are any of these, you can become "Verified" here on Revillution. Simply send Smokey a PM asking to become Verified, upon verification, you will be given the role. Verified users will receive the following badge under their user title: Verified

Sponsors will receive: Verified Sponsor respectively.

In addition to that, you'll be added to the list of "Verified" individuals on the official @Revillution twitter account. You'll have your stream auto-shouted out in the #streamers-now-live channel in our Discord Server and you'll get "Verified" status within our Guilded server. So what does it take to become Verified? It's a bit different for each thing:

  • Must have at least 250 followers
  • Must stream at least 12 days a month.
  • Must have at least 2,000 channel views.
  • Must have at least 300 subscribers
  • Must have at least 1,500 overall views.
Forum/Site owners:
  • Must have at least 50 registered members.
  • Must have at least 5,000 posts

Important Notice: you only have to meet the above requirements in one criteria to qualify for Verified status. It is however, important that you fully fill out your profile, add an avatar and fill out your social links within your profile so we can confirm verification status! Verified streamers and youtubers will be eligible for Featured slots on Revillution's homepage!

Click here to become Verified