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    Paid media subscriptions?

    Yeah it honestly is, although I thought the playstation network for online was free?! Thats news to me I guess. but still trash especially since most games force you to be online even if they are solo games :L
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    Portable wifi / Hotspot?

    I also noted the ping, I am also using an Ethernet cable too :S might try and look into that
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    Portable wifi / Hotspot?

    So here is the result. the upload is so much better than I was expecting/had before! looks like it was worth it!
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    Portable wifi / Hotspot?

    So I want to the 3 mobile store today and had a chat to the man. I now own a HUAWEI 4G Router 3 pro (LTE 300Mbps 2.4/5GHz WIFI) router, apparently she can go upto 25mbps on the upload speeds? waiting for them to activate it their side, I will post a screenshot of what the speeds are when up and...
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    Portable wifi / Hotspot?

    Yes I have been thinking about this, but still not 100% sure as it may potentially lock me into a contract, and if it doesn't have a decent/desired speeds I am not sure how I could change things lol. I am going to go have a look tomorrow and see what I can do!
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    Portable wifi / Hotspot?

    So recently I have been having issues with my wifi connection, it is disgustingly unreliable most of the time nowadays. I do live in a shared block so the wifi is used by loads of other devices. Does anyone recommend a way, or know of any affordable packages that I could use to obtain a good...
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    Your current Weather?

    as of right now, its dark and raining. :(
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    Pre-Stream Rituals?

    before I stream I always make sure I have a coffee at the ready! and a bottle filled with water. The fun part about being a variety streamer is I get to play the games I want to play, unless decided by the stream :)
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    Hey there!

    Thanks! yes, nice to feel part of a community again.
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    Paid media subscriptions?

    To be honest, the only media related outlets I pay for are spotify and XBL, as netflix is already paid for. lucky me I guess!
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    First job?

    Part time shoe retailer, fitting shoes for small kids.. yes, I am sure you can imagine how fun that was..
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    Favourite Music App?

    Honestly? .. Spotify. I pay for premium for the best experience, maybe youtube for things that I cant find on spotify.
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    Very nice, personally I would love to hit 100 followers over on my twitch and potentially get affiliated as we are very close to that. I suppose we will have to see what the future holds!
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    Hey there!

    Hey smokey nice to meet you! yes I was absolutely gutted when mixer shut down was such an ideal platform for new and upcoming streamers to easily promote themselves, sadly like most people I lost a lot of my community in the transition but we are slowly regrowing and having fun! thanks for the...
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    My Graphics portfolio // Banners for YouTube (and websites) // Logos too // Can create custom ones for cheap

    Very nice, nice, simple and looks very slick! looking forward to seeing more of your work.