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  1. samproof


    I have 2 channels, my personal one I've kind of let slip and roll into hiatus, my other one is Cuteavalanche and we're pushing for 1000 subs right now. Just passed 500 last week, so we're getting there.
  2. samproof

    Charging your Phone

    Pretty much once a day over night
  3. samproof

    List of Bots for streamers.

    https://botisimo.com/ is a cloud-based bot, great for multicasters as it can run on Twitch, Mixer & Youtube (and discord) off one common account. It is paid though Also your Nightbot link is showing the code brackets
  4. samproof

    Coffee or Tea?

    Yes, same. I used to be the guy that put 6 sugars in to it, but eventually, I just weened off the sugar and now it's gotta be black (though I do like a mocha every once in a while)
  5. samproof

    Coffee or Tea?

    Coffee, black and two pots worth!