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  1. Schrodember

    Come say hi? :D

    Yep, been doing FB Gaming for a couple months now. How are you liking it?
  2. Schrodember

    Come say hi? :D

    Hey there and welcome aboard :D
  3. Schrodember

    Building a PC?

    Since being a brand new lineup, they're on the pricy side to an extent. The 3080's are msrp $699.99 - 3070 at msrp $499.99 - 3090 at msrp $1499.99
  4. Schrodember

    Building a PC?

    Would recommend jumping into the 3000 series cards if your coming from a 960. A lot of gains for decent pricing.
  5. Schrodember

    Oskurd aka Chicken man

    Howdy howdy and welcome aboard :D
  6. Schrodember

    Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X prices & release date revealed

    One thing to hold out for is how external storage will be handled via USB or is it going to be locked down to the propriety memory cards.
  7. Schrodember

    Your steam library?

    Holy crap, how many tb are you running to have that many installed?? I'm currently sitting on 240 games in my library.
  8. Schrodember

    Similar Domain Names

    I would try to steer clear of even remotely sound similar as they could come after you and you would have to give up the domain and site. It's pretty much a gray area and like many of us, we don't have a building full of lawyers to do our bidding.
  9. Schrodember

    Your site hacked?

    Had one of my sites get defaced a very long time ago. Of course I was running phpnuke at the time but I didn't know better. Now I'll never go near that piece of garbage. Thankfully was able to get a backup restored and changed out the software to something else.
  10. Schrodember

    GeForce Now

    I haven't tried it but, like you mentioned. If you have decent internet, you'll probably be fine.
  11. Competitive Quickplay Match

    Competitive Quickplay Match

    Some quick highlights from one of the most competitive quick play matches I've played so far. Was two very good teams fighting for control on all three maps,...
  12. Schrodember

    Bing Pages?

    Never even knew about this, will have to check it out.
  13. Schrodember

    Netflix or Amazon Prime

    I have both plus Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, CBS All Access and the free year of Apple TV+. The nice thing that is better about any of these services is that you can easily cancel them without spending forever on the phone with a rep trying to haggle you to stay.
  14. Schrodember

    FF/SFW Streaming

    After Mixer shutting down and not really feeling it over on Twitch, I moved over to streaming on Facebook Gaming. I'm a variety streamer playing mostly Overwatch, Paladins, Smite, and all sorts of games. https://fb.gg/schrodember
  15. Schrodember

    Streaming Setups

    Changed a few things around. Added a Fire 10HD tablet I use with Touch Portal. Also the Rodecaster Pro for audio and podcasts.
  16. Schrodember

    Building a PC?

    There's still a lot of price gouging going on with a few parts but, for the most part everything else has fallen in price. Memory of the DDR4 variety is really good. There's the pricing on SSD's and M.2 drives are actually really good too.
  17. Schrodember

    Found Revillution Place to branch out and support others.

    Hello there and welcome aboard :D
  18. Schrodember

    Long Running Series

    Longest running series I've watch had to be Stargate SG-1. If you wanted to be technical I would add it's spinoffs Atlantis and SGU.
  19. Schrodember

    Stream or Install?

    Definitely go for installed. A lot of people don't live in an area that provides great internet coverage. Now I think services like Microsoft Xcloud looks promising.
  20. Schrodember


    Hey there and welcome aboard :D Don't feel bad about being awkward on stream everyone does it.