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  1. Shortie

    Epic Games sues Fortnite tester

    If you are a player for Fortnite you will know about the latest event a few weeks ago which saw Fortnite hurled into a Black Hole leaving all fans of the game wondering what Epic Games had planned next or whether Fortnite would even be coming back. After around a day of the black hole at the...
  2. Shortie

    vBucks gift cards are coming!

    With Christmas just around the corner, vBucks gift cards are perfect for that little extra stocking filler for anyone who may be a Fortnite player in your circle of family or friends! It's been a long time coming but it would seem Epic Games have listened and vBucks gift cards will soon be...
  3. Shortie

    Fortnite Chapter 2 & New Map!

    With the end of Season X approaching in Fortnite, Epic Games have managed to so far keep things under tight wrap, not letting any Fortnite fans know exactly what lies ahead and what the seven have planned in the huge live event on Sunday. It would seem though that the Italian App Store may have...
  4. Shortie

    Ninja skin coming to Fortnite?

    Data miners have been at it again, looking into the Fortnite files and finding information and possible leaks as to what could be coming to the game at some point. The most recent find from data miners seems to be the possibility of a Ninja skin coming to Fortnite. With Ninja being the biggest...
  5. Shortie

    Could Fortnite be getting a new map in Season 11?

    Data miners have been at it again and we now had leaked game files that show the possibility of a new map coming to Fortnite in Season 11. Season X has not been the greatest of seasons coming from Fortnite with many players complaining about how they are finding the game boring and too much the...