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Call of Duty 2020 rumored now to be titled "Call of Duty: Black Ops"

It appears that Call of Duty 2020 has changed it's title yet again. It seems Activision has changed the name from Call of DUty: Black Ops Cold War to simply just Call of Duty: Black Ops. This comes after a leak from PS4patches.com shows that Call of Duty 2020's alpha was leaked on there and the codename for the CoD 2020 title was listed as simply "The Red Door" some data mining have discovered a new logo/graphic for this year's Call of Duty and it's showing it to simply be "Call of Duty: Black Ops" This would fit in line with a previous leak we covered of this being a reboot of the series. It was stated earlier that much like Modern Warfare 2019, this year's game is a reboot of the Call of Duty Black Ops series by Treyarch. Since Treyarch has taken over development from Sledgehammer Games & Raven on this year's project, with both SHG and Raven taking up supporting roles on the title now, it would make perfect sense that this year's Call of Duty title is simply known as Call of Duty Black Ops. Much like last year's title was codenamed to be Call of DUty Modern Warfare 4 but ended up releasing as just Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it ended up being a reboot of the original trilogy. Doing this, allows Treyarch to redo the games in the original Black Ops trilogy, which allows them to completely erase the confusing plotline of Black Ops 3 which had little to do with the previous games in the series up til that point.

As everyone knows, Black Ops 4's campaign idea was scrapped in favor of a battle royale, and now that Activision has stated that going forward Warzone will be the thread that connects all future call of duty games together, meaning there will not be another Battle Royale being developed in future games, it gives the developer of future titles the ability to focus on the campaign/story and Multiplayer/Zombies . This is good news and it keeps us hopeful for this year's game to be at least somewhat decent. The development of CoD 2020 has been rocky at best, and with the situation going on in the world right now with Covid-19 and the developers working from home, we're expecting the launch to be rough around the edges, but with this being a reboot, we're hopeful for a decent campaign we've come to expect from the minds at Treyarch, with a decent and engaging multiplayer ala Black Ops & Black Ops 2. There was alpha footage supposedly of Call of Duty 2020 leaked on reddit last week, unfortunately we can't show that here, but a google search should be sufficient to find it if you want to see it for yourself.

We can only hope and only time will tell. It's rumored to be revealed on Thursday June 11th at 1PM PST, 4PM EST and 9PM BST during Sony's PS5 event/reveal. As always, we'll keep you updated if anything changes. What are your thoughts on Call of Duty 2020? Let us know in the comments below.
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