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Cooling case for iPhone from RAZER

Have you ever been gaming on your iPhone and noticed how warm the phone tends to get when you are handling it and gaming? It's pretty scary, especially how hot it does get over a short period of time and often leads us to turn off the game we were playing and leave the phone to cool down.

RAZER may have come up with a solution that many of us have been looking for when it comes to gaming on our iPhones and may prevent us from worrying about the heat. They have come up with a phone case that will prevent your phone from overheating when you do something that can be quite resource-heavy such as gaming.

Sounds cool, but what will the case be made of and how will it prevent my phone from overheating when I am in the middle of a game? More importantly, will the case also help protect my phone from bumps and scratches or is it solely for cooling purposes?

The phone case is made up of soft microfiber lining which will help prevent your phone from getting scratched, it will then have another layer which will be a Thermaphene performance layer which will collect the heat and transfer it away from the device and lastly the case will have exterior perforations which will help to increase airflow and allow the heat to dissipate.

Two versions of the cases are available right now with a slim and a pro case offered. The pro case, of course, will cost a little more as is to be expected but with the pro case, it will offer added protection for up to a 10ft drop. Prices for the cases are $30 for the slim case and $40 for the pro case and they are available for all new iPhones.


This sounds like a good accessory to have. It might be something I invest in for my phone if they make it for my model. I did notice when playing Call of Duty: Mobile.
I wouldn't mind something like this for my Galaxy S20 right now. It's fine most of the time but there are some times when it overheats like crazy