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Gamestop's New Store Design Leaked!

It would seem that a recent leak has shown exactly what Gamestop's redesign will look like after GameStop store in Pryor, Oklahoma posted a Facebook video which seemed to show a tour around a newly laid out store. This has since been confirmed as being a true leak by a source familiar with GameStop’s operation, they have asked to be kept anonymous though so we do not have a name.

The confirmation is that the store in the video does match the blueprint that they have of the redesigns which were shown at Gamestop's annual conference.

According to sources from IGN, Oklahoma does have a test store which is the same state that this tour video was from. Even though this store in Oklahoma looks the way it does, another source who is familiar with the future of Gamestop and their reboot plans has said that not all stores will look like this one. Some of the stores that are going to be redesigned will be done so to focus more on Esports retro games or will have a more traditional design which will be a similar design to how Gamestop stores are now.

Certain features such as wall-mounted tablets will be something that you will see in all stores and will be universal features. So, how has the new store changed compared to the other store's designs? The glossy, black and white aesthetic seem to have been taken away completely and this has been replaced with a more muted, gray color aesthetic and also has faux wood paneling which is definitely a huge change and one that seems a lot cleaner than previous. You will have also noticed that there seems to be a sofa and a TV located in the center of the store and also the wall-mounted tablets we mentioned a little bit ago which we said will be in all stores, these can be used to order products.

Something that was also spotted in the back of the store which may now give us more certainty over whether Gamestop will be hosting live events and tournaments which they said were goals now seems to be true. A space at the back of the store shows CRT TVs and tables, these are often used for tabletop games.

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