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How Revillution helps content creators grow.

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How can Revillution help you grow your following and gain more exposure? - A guide

Here at Revillution we offer a lot of tools for content creators to grow their following, brand and gain more exposure. However, sometimes it may not be clear how this is done. We have a lot of tools on-site as well as off-site to help with promoting others streams, youtube videos & overall content.

Requirements for this guide to be as effective as possible:
  1. Sign up to Revillution.net - Click here to make an account
  2. Follow the official Revillution twitter account
  3. Follow our twitter Revillution bot account - RevillutionRTs
  4. Like/follow our official Facebook page
  5. Like/follow our promotions facebook page.
  6. Subscribe to our Youtube channel
  7. Join our Guilded Server.
  8. Follow Revillution on Twitch

The stream showcase
The showcase is probably one of our best and most helpful tools to help streamers get their stream out there with more eyes on it. It's free to Add your stream to it and it'll display you as Live every time you stream. It's also a great way to find new streamers to watch. You never know, you mgiht find your new favorite streamer! The showcase supports both Twitch & Trovo.live streams at the moment with support for Glimesh.tv coming in the future.

Visit the stream showcase or Add your stream to it right now.

Feature your stream on our homepage
You can help support us supporting you by purchasing a Featured slot. A feature enables your stream to be displayed on the homepage at www.revillution.net every time you go live.
Click here to feature your stream.
Featured streamers are also tweeted out when we catch them live on the official @Revillution twitter account, followed up by a retweet from @RevillutionRTs.

Note: All proceeds from features or any form of donations through Revillution go right back into the site's development & general up-keep.

The Media Gallery
For youtubers & content creators who churn out videos on youtube we have our Media Gallery. Simply embed any of your videos into it and you enable other creators and visitors of Revillution to find your content on youtube to help grow your view, likes & comment count on your videos and content on youtube. Subscribe to our youtube channel and we'll subscribe back which will automatically add you to have your youtube videos tweeted about every time you post a new one via @RevillutionRTs on twitter.

Submit something to our Media Gallery.

Social Media & More
We offer a lot of perks on our social media. If you're following our facebook pages or twitter pages and you're a streamer or youtuber, you'll be tweeted out when you go live! Want to be added to this service? Simply follow us on Twitch or Subscribe to us on Youtube. We'll follow back and you'll be set! Be sure to be following the following social media accounts for the most exposure!

Twitter Accounts:
The official Revillution twitter account
THe Revillution RTs account
Note: Tagging @RevillutionRTs in your going live tweet will help with more exposure! Be sure to follow both accounts!

Facebook Pages:
The official Revillution Facebook Page
Revillution Stream & Youtube Promotions page

Note: Our bot for Facebook is still in the works but when ready users who like both pages will automatically have a post posted on their behalf when they go live on Twitch if they are following our twitch account.

Youtube Channel

Subscribe to our Youtube channel and we'll set our YT bot to post to the @RevillutionRTs twitter account every time you upload a new video!

Our Guilded Server
If you join our Guilded server by clicking here You'll gain access to a large streaming & promotion section that you can use to get stream or youtube video support, tips or just simply promote when you're live. Chat with fellow members of Revillution in real-time and more.

Verified users will automatically be shouted out that they are live in our #Verified-Streamers-Live channel for even more exposure.

Not verified yet? See if you qualify - Apply to become Verified.

Verification on Revillution.net
As mentioned above, verified users get a few extra perks over normal streamers. If you've already got a decent following and you meet our current requirements to Become Verified, we highly recommend that you do so. This will help you stand out on the site, give you a verified checkmark next to your name in your profile and posts, and a fancy "Verified" badge. In addition to that, if you join the Guilded server, you will be given Verified status on there where you gain access to higher audio bitrate verified-exclusive voice chats, automatically have your stream shouted out when you go live on Twitch.

These are just the current ways we help streamers & youtubers grow their following and gain more exposure! Be sure you're utilizing them all to the fullest extent to get the most out of our services!


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