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New Xbox One Console Features Coming!

Microsoft is always striving to improve their latest console, the Xbox One and they have now announced more improvements coming to their Xbox One console with these improvements first coming to Xbox Insider members and then eventually coming to all Xbox One owners. What are these improvements though and will they be useful?

Wish list alerts will be coming to the Xbox One which will announce to the user when there is a price drop for an item on their list, this is amazing and definitely useful, especially if you use the wish list feature a lot and tend to miss when there are offers on the games you are looking to grab.

Mixer will also be integrating further into the Xbox One as well and will give users a new Mixer viewing experience which will be built right into the dashboard and will be a lot more simple and speedy. What will this mean for those of us who do use Mixer on the Xbox? What that will mean is you will no longer have to switch to another app to watch your favorite streamers on Mixer! As a Mixer user myself this is amazing and something I feel many will welcome when this update fires in.

The way game captures are made will also be changing, what changes could possibly be coming to the game capture though? You will now have more control over what get's captured and when. Now there will be options of captures by me, captures by me or games or don't capture.

Updates to the recent players will also be happening which many have been crying out for. With this update now it will be even easier for you to engage with gamers you have played with recently, not just in terms of messaging but also in terms of adding them as a friend or even sending them invites.

Xbox Game Pass members will also with this update be able to recommend games to their friends easily, this may come in handy for many people who often want to recommend a game to a friend but find it difficult to be able to do so with the current set up.

Last but not least, there will also be improvements to background game updates. You will not be able to jump into your games a lot faster and the update required screen will get seen a lot less than it already does.

All these updates as of yet we have no word on when they will be released but they sure are some exciting updates that will make things a lot easier for those who use Xbox One regularly!