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Well the kitten got sick so I switched her with a 3yrld cat. Her name is Nila and is a much better fit for me. Because the kitten would have needed round the clock care that I couldn't give.
Hey man, you know you can put your youtube username/channel in your profile in a profile field so it shows up in your posts, right? :)
Hey Welcome to the Danger Zone , im FKFlaviusings from Portugal , variety streamer with a non toxic community , family friendly no swearing stream and rage course sometimes , im dont like people to use mental health and problems to advertise and i support the idea that only ask what you can give.
l hope you enjoy my stuff but regardless of it i will keep moving forward.
Your success doesn't interfere with mine.
Sorry I haven't been here in a minute. Grinded my way to Affiliate Friday Morning.....trying to let it all sink in. Now to get hubby there.....he grinds so much and just can't get the Average to move enough....Hopefully todays stream will be even better for him. He is DedicatedAmoeba on Twitch. #PowerGamingCouple #StreamingGoals
Congrats on affiliate, it's up to your husband to make an account on here and promote his own stream. We can't guarantee to get everyone affiliate, that's not what we're here for. We offer a tool to get people more exposure, it's up to them to utilize that tool properly to the fullest extent. :)
Yep Thanks I'm gonna get him over here on the Rev side soon. Have a great day.
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Just made Twitch Affiliate Friday Morning! Still adding the finishing touches to my channel. Going Live tonight @9:00pm EST.
Got the best girlfriend in the world... @Shortie is the best thing to ever happen to me.....without you baby girl, I don't know where I'd be today <3 Revillution certainly wouldn't be what it is today without you <3 I love you <3
Welcome newbie, If your new go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel as I post content on Call of Duty Mobile and don't forget to hit that bell so that you know when I post videos.
My Youtube Channel: SUBSCRIBE HERE
New here!
Don't really have big goals to make it big in the streaming world, I like playing games for devs and showing them off, or hanging out with friends while making new friends!
if you ever wanna chat or need help staying positive hit me up!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Legit_Dinosaur
Discord: https://discord.gg/b8X8WZb